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Preventive medicine is most valuable type of health care available, in that it has the ability to identify and treat common health conditions before they become a serious complication. By submitting to preventive health exams and tests, we believe that you can increase your chances of living a long, healthy life.

Prevention is like budgeting. If you don’t budget, you plan to fail.

Comprehensive Exams

Some health conditions can lie undetected for many months or years – often being overlooked by traditional preventive health exams. That is why our office features comprehensive exams, which are designed to both detect and teach patients how to prevent certain cancers, blood clots, aneurysms and cardiovascular diseases. Following the exams, we will work hard to help you understand your test results, as well as how your current lifestyle may be contributing to the development or prevention of underlying health conditions.

Women’s Health Exams

Comprehensive health exams offer the basis for the examination process. However, there are additional screening needs specific to each gender. At our office, women’s health also includes hormone screening tests, bone density tests, women’s cancer screenings for breast, uterine, ovarian and cervical cancers and a thorough evaluation of previous health conditions and family health history.

Corporate Programs

Business owners and corporate executives want their employees to be healthy. It means a longer life, fewer sick days and often, lower health insurance costs. By using the preventive health care program we have available to corporate groups, those ambitions can become a reality.

We can provide comprehensive physicals and testing to corporate groups that exceeds the benefits and effectiveness of traditional stress tests, colonoscopies and blood tests at discovering underlying health conditions. Furthermore, our corporate health exams require no more than a single day for all of the procedures, meaning less time off work for preventive health care.



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