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Many disease processes are scientifically proven to be linked to a lack of proper nutrition or even over-nutrition in the diet. Nutrition has a profound effect on cell function in the body, as well as hormone production and the health of the circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous and gastrointestinal systems. Deficiencies or an inability to absorb key nutrients can lead to common illnesses and diseases. By utilizing clinical nutrition in a controlled environment, our office can help patients control or overcome their illnesses.

Outpatient Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine Services

Nutritional Counseling:
Some patients can make health improvements by simply improving dietary habits. However, many are uninformed about which nutrients are in various foods, as well as how much of each nutrient is needed for proper metabolic function. Our nutritional counseling services educate patients on how to get the most from their food. Its better to teach someone to fish, than to give them a fish. We will educate you, so you can participate in your care.

Nutritional Supplements:
Although diet and lifestyle should be the primary source of nutrition, occasionally, patients may need the help of nutritional supplements as a way to get the full nutrition necessary to prevent illness and unwanted health conditions. For example, conditions like osteoporosis are easily prevented with a diet rich in calcium, and calcium supplements can compensate for dietary calcium deficiencies.

At our office, we also employ nutrigenomics, which is a study of how food and its nutritional components affect biological factors, such as DNA and gene expression. The result is customized nutrition for each patient based on a personal genotype. Our goal is to use knowledge about our patients’ biochemical predispositions to prevent health problems by encouraging the consumption of foods that match the needs of their ethnicity, culture, genes and personal lifestyle.

Inpatient Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine Services

Inpatient nutritional support is beneficial for our patients who are malnourished or who are having difficulty in absorbing the nutrients necessary for health – often due to a debilitating illness or major surgery. At our practice, we utilize both enteral and parenteral nutrition support.

Enteral Nutrition:
Enteral Nutrition is comprised of a milkshake-like substance that is fed into the digestive system using a feeding tube. The substance is typically comprised of a great number of vital nutrients. When fed directly into a tube connected to the stomach or small intestine, the body is capable of naturally absorbing vitamins and minerals.

Total Parenteral Nutrition:
Total parenteral nutrition is the most extreme type of inpatient nutritional service we offer, although it may be necessary if a patient is unable to consume food. When using total parenteral nutrition, we place food nutrients, such as proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and other nutritional components directly into the body’s bloodstream.



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